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Chemical energetics and Thermodynamic Laws Physical Chemistry 5m 50s Click to view videos
Energy conversions from nuclear fusion to electricity production Physical Chemistry 5m 00s Click to view videos
Exo and Endothermic reactions and Calorimetry Physical Chemistry 5m 26s Click to view videos
Kinetic energy, Vibrational, Rotational and Translational Energies Physical Chemistry 3m 05s Click to view videos
Potential energy, Intra and Intermolecular bonds, Heat capacities Physical Chemistry 5m 14s Click to view videos
Molar Heat Capacity, Phase and Temperature changes Physical Chemistry 7m 44s Click to view videos
Temperature-Phase Change Calculation Physical Chemistry 7m 17s Click to view videos
Calculation involving the warming of water through a phase change Physical Chemistry 6m 09s Click to view videos
Molar Heat of Fusion of Water Calculation Physical Chemistry 6m 57s Click to view videos
Introduction to chemical change and Heats of Formation Physical Chemistry 4m 33s Click to view videos
Graphs of reactions and Hess Law of Additivity Physical Chemistry 7m 13s Click to view videos
Explanation of nuclear change Physical Chemistry 5m 30s Click to view videos

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